Downham Tamil Association

2011-2012 Report

It was a momentous year in the Association's history. Most notably, leading charity ContinYou upgraded our Supplementary School's status from bronze to gold. This could only be possible with the continued support of parents, the dedication of the students and the hard work of the staff. 2013, our fifteenth year, is already turning out to be a similar success.
Thank you once again.

Bala Vallipuram, Chairman of D.T.A

5 JANUARY 2013


2013 Parents' Evening

Over the last fortnight we have been holding our annual parents' evening. This gives families the opportunity to discuss their child's progress at length as well as strengthening their relationship with the teachers. A child's learning is best supported when teacher and families co-ordinate their efforts in this way.

Thank you to all those who attended and we hope you found the information useful.

11 JULY 2013


Celebrating Navarathiri and

Black History Month 

A guest post by Heidi Alexander MP

I had a great evening yesterd
ay at the Downham Tamil Association's Navarathiri and Black Histroy Month Celebration. With over eighty families bringing their children to the Association's supplementary school, there was a plentiful supply of excited children to perform on the stage - and they were all fab!

It was good to catch up with Cllr Helen Klier (Lewisham's new Cabinet Member for Children and Young People) and to see Bala and his family who run the Association.

The Tamil community in Lewisham is strong and since I've been elected I've been really lucky to be invited down to the Sivan Kovil Temple on Clarendon Rise as well as to celebrations such as the one at the Goldsmiths Community Centre yesterday. With the new temple being built, it's a busy time for the community in Lewisham but for many Tamils, their thoughts are still with their friends and family who are still struggling in the aftermath of the conflict in their homeland.

I'm asking a question of the International Development Secretary on Wednesday about the work that the UK government is doing to ensure that people who have had to flee their homes in Sri Lanka (as a result of the fighting) are being treated fairly. I meet a number of Tamils in my advice surgeries who are still struggling to locate their loved ones and many more who are waiting for visas to be issued so theat their dependents can join them in the UK.

I'm keen to put whatever pressure I can on our government to make sure we are living up to the expectations of the Tamil community in the UK - here's hoping I get a decent reply from the Secretary of State on Wednesday!

10 OCTOBER 2010

Saraswathy Pooja

Many members of the local Tamil community attended the Saraswathy Pooja ceremony and afterwards shared a delicious lunch together. Thank you to Councillor Pete Pattinson for joining us for our celebrations. Councillor Pattinson has been working hard to support the Tamils' fight for justice in Sri Lanka. Read more about his campaign here

4 OCTOBER 2009

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